Is that a surprise from a professional producer of content? It shouldn’t be, if you’ve read many of the posts here on Writing For SEO – particularly if you’ve had a look through my slides for World Domination By Blog.

This post is also inspired by a post on Geoff Livingston’s Blog, which is based on some of the same thoughts.

Are you enjoying the flood of Content Marketing?

Google’s changes over the past year or 18 months have attempted to put a stop to some of the more questionable tactics by SEOs and webmasters. So we all responded Content is King! And Content Marketing swung dramatically into focus here in 2013.

Words, infographics, presentations, podcasts, videos and eBooks spew forth from marketers throughout the web. And, like 99% of most things, it’s rubbish, produced by the yard, piled up so mine’s higher than yours.

To get higher up Google than yours.

How to lose readers

How many blogs do you read regularly that throw multiple posts out every day? Or, put it another way, is any of this mountain of stuff worth spending your valuable attention-deficited time on?

I’m sure lots of you are like me and give up on blogs and RSS feeds that fail to deliver on quality. And, in my book, a flood of low-quality content is far, far worse than a trickle of low quality content.

Why do I say that Content is an Indulgence?

I believe that most Content being produced today is an indulgence for site owners and marketers. They’re producing stuff because they believe Stuff is King. It’s being produced for their benefit, not their community’s.

If they stopped to think about it for just a while, they’d realise that they need a strategy before the stuff. That strategy needs to take into account the needs of readers, customers and prospective customers.

And I’m back to the point that quantity isn’t what most of us need.

Are you competing with the best quality content?

Being unread, unengaged-with and ultimately unprofitable will undoubtedly be your fate if you fail to compete with the best of the content in your niche.

Your readers will naturally gravitate to reading the content sources that give them back something in exchange for their time.

So get the best online strategists and content originators on your side. Produce the best you can, and aim to be the very best you can in your niche.

Are you producing quantity rather than quality? Is your community turning away from you in the face of your flood of low quality stuff? Have you lost your way?

Thanks to Nick Whitworth for allowing me to use his picture of a very indulgent cake.