I should make it clear what SEO Copywriting is.

A couple of friends who have websites weren’t sure, so I’m sure they’re not the only ones. I’ll explain.

I guess I’m also apologising for making an assumption with this entire site that people would understand what Writing For SEO means – and along with that, SEO Copywriting. Maybe I should say what copywriting is (not copy writing, if I may be (rightly) picky).

Copywriting for the online search age

Copywriting is traditionally writing print advertisements.

But, over the years it has come to mean any marketing-related writing – online, offline, brochures, TV commercial scripts, infomercial scripts, direct mail letters, White Papers, website articles, blog posts, extended posts on social media such as Google Plus and Facebook Pages, you name it!

My definition of SEO Copywriting is, simply, that it’s the discipline that not only achieves traditional marketing objectives (more sales, more enquiries, better branding and so on), but also makes a website perform more effectively on search engines’ natural search results. It’s copywriting for the online search age.

Traffic from natural search engine results is very desirable as it’s usually both cheap and high quality. I’ll say more about this in another post.

Set your goals. Understand your strategy

So don’t just write lots of articles you think your audience our customers might like. That’s what content writers do.

The odds are that you’ll get your site where you want it on Google and the other search engines eventually, but it’ll be a bit like starting off on a long journey without a map. You’ll probably get to your destination, but it’ll take rather longer than you’d like.

A good SEO Copywriter will either work with your content strategy or put together a content strategy for you. He’ll then write some copy that will help your site get those better search engine positions without compromising on the readability and the copy’s ability to engage with your readers.

I hope that helps. If it doesn’t, please leave a comment.

Thank you to J Brew for allowing me to use his image.