How many times have you read that SEO is dead recently? As I’ve just launched a site called Writing For SEO, you can rightfully conclude that I believe that SEO isn’t dead.

‘SEO is dead’ is as hackneyed as ‘Jazz is dead’! And wrong for the same reason. SEO today has evolved, as has jazz. The clunky stuff of yesteryear has changed in response to today’s environment.

But enough of stretching this simile.

SEO changes

Some people continue to think SEO is just about search engines, and miss the idea that you have to work to engage with people, too. As I’ve said elsewhere on Writing For SEO, you need to write with both search engines and people in mind. The idea that you could just pour some key phrases into a meta tag or two and repeat them throughout the visible content died a decade or more ago for those who are serious about making their site work.

The relevant lessons of advertising and direct mail copywriting, PR, journalism and book authors have all been learned and carefully honed for the online world by SEO Copywriters.

And Content Marketing is just as misunderstood

Too many gurus are saying that Content Marketing is just about adding more content for your visitors to read. Frankly, that’s throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Those who truly understand the lessons of SEO and SEO Copywriting are grafting them on to Content Marketing, just as the lessons of offline writing have been grafted on to the online world. For us, Content Marketing is just the latest stage in the evolution of SEO and SEO Copywriting.

Choose your tools and apply best practices

We’re using the tools and best practices we’ve learned to understand and engage with our customers. The research and content strategy approaches we’ve developed over the years are only just being accepted by many clients who are just seeing that carefully crafted strategic content is as powerful as we’ve been saying.

A successful website depends on strong content, optimisation and engagement with your customers or community. It needs a clear goal – more sales, brand development, better technical support. It doesn’t matter what. Just as long as you know what your goal is and you put the pieces in place to achieve it.

Now, do you care if you label what you’re doing as SEO or Content Marketing?

Image courtesy of &DC