The second instalment of Quick Tips. A couple that are very close to my heart, as they come up time and time again.

Don’t let your research & strategy go (c)old

If you’re sensible, you’ll commission Key Phrase Research and Content Strategy right at the start of your website’s life, and regularly as it evolves.

While this work will give you a great step up against your competitors, it’s most effective when the data and strategy are freshest. Leave it for a few months while you have the site redesigned, or you wait for everyone in the board of directors to have time to look at the new web presence, and frankly, it’ll go off.


Remember that the research is a snapshot, and your competitors and Google’s algorithm are not standing still.

So don’t waste your Research and Strategy. Eat them while they’re fresh and hot and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

Don’t leave your content set in stone

It’s too easy to forget about the content that has been published on your website. The bigger the site, the easier outdated content can hide.

And I’m not just talking about products and services that are no longer sold. How about your About Us page? Does it reflect your business still? How about your people?


Times change. You learn more. Maybe you put some content up quickly in time for a deadline when the site was launched.

Have a look around your site and change the stuff that’s draped with cobwebs.

Thanks to Anne HornyakCandida.Performa and macieklew for making their images available.