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Save $100s to $1000s making your online business successful when you know Pro Keyword Secrets

Get valuable free search engine traffic by doing your own Keyword Research using the same methods favored by top international SEOs

By now we know that the Number One success factor for high rankings in Google and other search engines is to publish great quality content.

You’re probably asking what great quality content is.

It’s not just:

  • Well written and properly edited
  • Making lots of information available
  • Written with a great vision of what readers or customers want from your company or website

Cutting out the guesswork

Imagine knowing – not guessing – what your customers or readers want.

And how you can the most free search engine traffic?

Pro Keyword Secrets cover

Pro Keyword Secrets shows you how specialist SEOs work out:

  • What to write about
  • How they can get the most free traffic to the site – if they’re good, only relevant traffic of course
  • What stands in the way of ranking high on Google natural search
  • Which searches are most valuable?
  • Is the searcher likely to buy once they get to the site?

Work that could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every time you do some research.

Who is Pro Keyword Secrets for?

It’s for you if:

  • You own a website or an e-business
  • You want more visibility, more visitors, or more sales (or enquiries or subscriptions)
  • You cannot afford professional research for your site
  • You’re an SEO professional (or want to be one) hungry for more saleable skills
  • You want a sustainable online business so you need to practice only above-the-board ‘White Hat’ SEO

Why have I written Pro Keyword Secrets?

‘How to do keyword research like the experts’ is by far the most requested information since I launched Writing For SEO.

Now, I’m not going to give away these secrets on my blog. No way. They are far too valuable.

Pro Keyword Secrets contains what I’ve found out and refined over more than a decade, working with clients, attending conferences and discovering what other experts do.

What do readers say?

“So this is how he does it! Reading Pro Keyword Secrets, it’s easy to see why keyword research done properly is such a valuable and costly purchase for anyone serious about their website. I urge you to buy David’s book and start working on your content right now!”

Matthew Burton, London, UK

“Start 2015 with a bang! Mark out a couple of days in your diary and sit down at your desk with this fantastic e-book. David takes you by the hand and guides you through the steps you need to take to get the winning topics for your website. There’s a totally free route, and a couple of ways of using paid-for tools, too. David fills the gaps in our knowledge and doesn’t offer ‘101 ways to do keyword research’, either. Pro Keyword Secrets goes in deep and narrow. And I like that.”

Stuart Jackson, Spain

“I’m working through Pro Keyword Secrets and it rocks!”

Dan White, Boston, MA

Pro Keyword Secrets

What does Pro Keyword Secrets cost?

What does a day or two of a professional SEO consultant’s time cost? $500? $1000? $2000? More? And that’s just for one lot of research.

How often will you want to repeat the research? Don’t forget, the online marketplace is constantly changing. And last year’s findings probably don’t cut it this year. So every time you run your research you clock up another another

What does it cost you to do it yourself using the same methods? Much, much less. Even if you invest in the most expensive tools and data I recommend – they’re recommended for the best insights and higher returns from your site, but not essential. Especially if you’re in a less competitive niche.

You can do great research for your business without spending a penny more.

How much do you think Pro Keyword Secrets costs? $250? $125? $87?

No. Just $37.

Because I want to help as many websites and website owners achieve success as I can.


You should be. My e-book spills the beans on what you’re up against when you attempt to compete with any site that has engaged a pro.

It’s unlikely your guesswork will beat you competitors’ data, analysis and professional knowledge.

Buy Pro Keyword Secrets now!

Pro Keyword Secrets

45-day 100% satisfaction guarantee!

And, because I want you to 100% satisfied with the knowledge in Pro Keyword Secrets, I’m giving you a full 45 days to return it for a FULL REFUND if you’re unhappy with my e-book in any way.

What are you waiting for?

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