No matter how good your writing, there’s normally something else you can do to make it even better. It’s a fact that’s been hard-learned here over decades.

Are you doing everything you can to supercharge your pages and posts?

Online writing is always evolving

As marketing online evolves and the search engine algorithms get more sophisticated, we need to address more and more aspects of the published page.

What was powerful yesterday, may be missing the mark today. Powerful content online requires all the skills of offline writing, plus an up-to-date knowledge of how the web and search engines work.

Here’s how to make your content more powerful:

Ten Ways To Supercharge Powerful Writing

1. Engage with search engines

At one stage, writers thought SEO copy was just about engaging with search engines, securing high rankings. I’ve put this one first for historical reasons, but also because many pundits are saying forget them. It’s plain silly when there are still plenty of ways of helping the search engines understand your content and the site as a whole – including heading tags and title tags.

2. Engage with people

Understand your readers or potential buyers. Write with one real or imagined person in mind if that helps.

3. Do your key phrase research

Know which key phrases you’re going to use to create your content. If you’re unsure about finding key phrases, read this post or make it simple by asking me to do it for you.

4. Plan your strategy

Be clear of your priorities. Create the content that will give you the greatest return first. But don’t go for anything that’s really tough if the site is new and you want to see short-term returns. You can find more about developing your content from key phrase research in this article.

5. Learn your craft

Writing for the web is a craft. Very few people get it right from the start. And you certainly can’t stand still, because things are always evolving. You’re never the best you can be, and the concept of power in writing is changing continually.

Powerful writing

6. Be clear about your outcomes

Don’t just plaster your website with ‘content’, covering it with badly-written, weakly conceived words because ‘Content is King’. Great Content is King, so be very clear about what you want to achieve and that you’ve done everything you can to address it with everything you put on your site – buying, signing up, increasing trust, telling others about you. Great content achieves your aims.

7. Produce better content than your competitors

Ask yourself why someone would read your content. Can they get better elsewhere? Can you produce something easier to understand, more exciting, more precisely targeted, more exhaustive? Think about what you’re trying to write from a reader’s point of view, and don’t feel intimidated by the big guns out there. Your experience and point of view are unique. Play to your strengths!

8. Make it shareable

These days, so many parts of online marketing are inextricably linked. The downside is that to be really successful you’ll need to do more than just produce great content for your blog. The upside is that, with a bit of thought, you can make your content work for you in social media – make sure you have sharing buttons on your site. They give you powerful content that’s effective in more than one place.

9. Help it work harder with, microformats and social graph information

With these embedded in your page, your writing can work harder for you when it appears on social media and in search engine results.

10. Support your writing with images

The search engines can’t make sense of images, but completing alt tags on your images, using key phrases carefully, can help your content’s performance.

How do you enhance powerful writing?

Thanks to Alden Jewell and Greg Westfall for making their images available via Creative Commons.