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50% Affiliate Commission


Which content will be king?

Here’s where I spill the beans about how SEO pros work out which content will make them and their clients king.

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– Step-by-step instructions with screen captures
– Recommended tools
– How to use them

Who is Pro Keyword Secrets for?

  • Anyone with a website seeking sustainable success
  • Anyone sick of ‘get to Number 1 instantly’ solutions that either never work or quickly get them nailed by Google
  • People seeking a career in SEO who need real-world skills

Who am I?

I’m David Rosam. I’ve been in the SEO game for 12 years or more, and before that I was a direct marketing copywriter. I know how to communicate with people and the search engines.

If you want to know more about me, you can check out my blog, Writing for SEO. Or see me weekly on the Dumb SEO Questions Hangout on Air on Google Plus.



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David Rosam
Author and Director, Chamaeleon Marketing Ltd