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Number 1

Subject: Confused of how some sites outrank yours consistently? Not anymore.

Are you still struggling to get REAL traffic to your site?

Are too few buyers leading to too few sales?

Well the struggle stops now.

My good friend David Rosam has been working as an SEO and Content Marketing Consultant for more than twelve years, and he’s promised to spill the beans on how Pros do Keyword Research – that’s how they work out which content they should be writing to start killing it on line.

So naturally I wanted to know more…

Its seems that David has put a ton of Pro Keyword Secrets into an e-book…

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Anyone can put this training into play.

David blows the lid on the TRUTH about how the Pros work today…

…and whether you’re a newbie or seasoned veteran – if you
aren’t researching keywords like the pros – you are leaving money on the table.

It’s really that simple.

Your business NEEDS this going forward into 2015…
…and for just 37 bucks, you’d be stupid not to.

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Let’s make this a big year together.


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Number 2

Subject: Get tons of traffic by doing what the Pros do!

It isn’t often I get THIS excited about an SEO and Traffic Generation e-book.

But, if you see this. You’ll know what I mean.

If you’ve never heard of David Rosam (you may have seen him as one of ’the world’s top SEOs’
on the Dumb SEO Questions Hangout on Air on Google Plus)…

…then you need to listen up now.

David has spent more than 12 years as an SEO and Content Marketing Consultant, and
he’s now ready to uncover the secrets of how Pros get great results for their clients.

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And experience the power of David’s teaching in his Pro Keyword Secrets e-book.

Now it’s over to you.

It’s not every day I can give you something that I’m so
confident about…

…you’ll see why some sites are using research to attract MASSIVE amounts of
potential buyers to their site.

I’m going to be studying this, because quite frankly I’d be CRAZY not to…


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Number 3:

Subject: Ground Breaking Secrets for Online Success

Start getting some traction online today…

I know what it’s like to have all the ingredients
of a good business but never able to get any traction
or produce anything worthwhile.

But that’s about to all change for you…

David Rosam (one of ‘the world’s top SEOs’ according to Dumb SEO
Questions on Google Plus) is spilling the beans on how the Pros work out
what content to publish to attract HUGE numbers of buyers.

He’s released a brand new game-changing e-book… [link]

You get step-by-step guides showing exactly how you can do Pro Keyword
research for free – and which paid-for tools will give you better insights quicker.

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And start laying the real foundations of a sustainable, successful online business.

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To your impending success




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