Today, I’m launching a free e-book Sell More From Your Online Store. It pulls together all my posts about SEO for your e-commerce site in one convenient place.

This is the presentation that accompanies the e-book.

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Here’s what you’ll find out:

Five Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Site Is Failing

  1. Your site looks the same as your competitors
  2. You have the same products as other sites
  3. You have the same descriptions and photos
  4. You’ve set yourself up for a price war
  5. You’ve lost sight of your business

Three Steps To a Winning E-commerce Website

  1. Think about your business
  2. How is it different?
  3. Think about your site

Five Ways To Get People To Your Online Store

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Social Media
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Paid Search (Pay Per Click)
  5. Offline Marketing

Five Questions To Ask Before Writing Content

  1. What must I write about?
  2. What about brands?
  3. Can I win the fight?
  4. Is the fight worth winning?
  5. What do my customers say?

Five Steps To The Right Keywords For Your Site

  1. Brainstorm some key phrases
  2. Find some alternatives
  3. Will you be able to rank for them?
  4. The free, but potentially inaccurate route
  5. The more accurate way that costs money

How To Develop Content From Key Phrase Research

  1. Understand the kinds of content you must write
  2. Use the key phrases you’ve researched
  3. Look at your data from a different angle
  4. Create content that answers customer questions
  5. Create content and measure, measure, measure!