Like most website owners I spend too much time looking at stats – looking at stats is good, I recommend it, but not every blinkin’ day!

But I’ve noticed something encouraging recently. Something that suggests that my investment in on page SEO – content – is really paying back.

Actually, I probably need to make quick aside, here. On page SEO, as you’ve probably guessed, is all the stuff you do to your web pages – copy, design, internal links and so on. Off page SEO is all the stuff you do away from the site – link building, social media, and so on.

There something different about WFS’s traffic peaks

Until now, peaks in traffic to Writing For SEO have always occurred on the day I posted a new blog piece or the day after, with the additional visits coming from my Tweets and other social media posts, and people kindly retweeting or reposting.

That’s not been the case sometimes recently.

Now I’m getting peaks from natural search on Google

For me, this is exciting. I’m getting my highest activity days on this site from peaks in traffic from Google. In other words, it seems I don’t have to keep stirring the pot just to get short-term peaks in traffic.

My on page SEO investment in content, often directly built on an agile content strategy, appears to be having a long-term effect on Writing For SEO‘s popularity. As I’ve been hoping, Google seems to be liking the quality and quantity of the content I’m creating. It’s taken a bit of time, but I think I’m getting there.

Each post is adding to the site’s authority.

Organic traffic from Google

For some time, organic or natural traffic from Google search has been the greatest contributor to Writing For SEO‘s audience numbers. My guessing is, unless I get a whole lot more active Twitter followers, this trend will continue.

More specifically, I’m interested to see if these non-post related peaks continue, or even increase. I’ve seen this happen before, so it’s a good bet that it will happen here.

Have you seen a tipping point with your traffic?

Thanks to David Herrera for his photograph.