No matter how hard you try with your copy, how refined and pin-point targeted it is, there are a couple of things you must do to make it even better.

That’s understand Calls to Action (some people insist on calling them CTAs) and how to use them.

Why are calls to action so important?

Let’s consider what happens when your potential customer gets to the end of your content. They look around for somewhere to go next. If you’ve done your job properly, then they’ll be wanting to at least stay on your site.

Maybe even looking to buy something. It’s your job to help them make their purchase – or ask for more information, or subscribe to your newsletter.

Whatever the possibilities are. You’ll be helping your profits, while improving the user’s experience.

What’s a call to action?

OK. That’s why you need to have a call to action. But what is a call to action? It can be anything from a piece of copy, to a button or graphic, or even a piece of video – each with a link to your order page or form.

The words you use need to be succinct and powerful. Try to get a clear benefit over. How about?:

Order now and we’ll deliver your waxed jacket before 1pm tomorrow

Save 25%. Order now!

Stop dry rot now! Click here

Every one of these has a benefit and an instruction. They also have a sense of urgency through the word ‘now’. You could also use a cut-off date for an offer.

Make it easy for your customers and see your conversion rates soar

You cannot afford to let your customer slip into the slightest confusion. They must know exactly what to do, and preferably exactly why they should take the next step towards parting with their money or e-mail address.

Make it easy and clear, and you’ll get more conversions. And, if you want to be really successful, try different wordings, words vs graphics, words vs videos, different colours, different offers.

Measure the results and get to know your customers better.

Do you use calls to action? Please leave a comment below (see, that’s a call to action, in itself 😉 ).

Thank you to grahamc99 for making his image available.