A belated welcome to 2014. You may have been wondering about the publishing schedule here.

The truth is, I’ve been hit by busy-ness. A triple-whammy of busy-ness.

Christmas (personal and business), buying a house and moving on the Saturday before Christmas, plus workload (including working with some new clients).

Between them, they’ve elbowed Writing For SEO from my waking hours. True, I’ve kept the pot boiling with social media, but new quality content just hasn’t happened, for which I apologise.

Thankfully, I’ve not had a disastrous fall-off in traffic because this site has lots of good content, but I think the issue goes beyond traffic. I hope I’ve not lost the engagement of my regular readers – lack of publishing applies to my newsletter, too.

So here in 2014, I’m looking at how I can still publish regularly to this site and it’s newsletter without business and personal lives intervening – the house, in particular, continues to absorb huge amounts of time. But Writing For SEO is a cornerstone of my business and I have a lot of great things I need to publish here this year.

Sorry again for my silence recently. I trust you’re still along for the ride.

And Happy New Year. I hope it’s going to be a great 2014 for you.

Thanks to celticsaga for allowing me to use the Happy New Year image.