Affordable Key Phrase Research

Save £25 on Key Phrase Insights: Key Phrase Research for Start-ups, Small Businesses and Bloggers

Yes. I understand you’ve spent most of your budget on having your website built, some custom design and perhaps some stock as well.

Now you’re faced with actually getting people to the site. You’re going to create lots of content, I know.

But do you know which content will do it for you? Which key phrases are your customers are searching on? Or which ones you can rank for in the shorter term?

Key Phrase Insights finds the right key phrases for you

Key Phrase Research can be expensive – possibly from £750 to many thousands.

It’s a lot of work, requiring several data sets and a mixture of numeric analysis and online marketing experience to get right.

Shall I throw away the jargon? This is what happens. I once ended up with over 40,000 key phrases from which to sift out the gems.

My laptop choked on them! But I digress.

I guess you’re now saying: How much? I can’t afford that!

But you can afford Key Phrase Insights

Well, you don’t have to spend that. You see, with a small site – or by focusing on just the most important section of a larger site – the numbers become more manageable. And by delivering straightforward, easily actionable recommendations rather than providing detailed reports for marketing departments, I can reduce time spent on Key Phrase Research. That means you get high quality key phrase research for a fraction of the normal cost.

Key Phrase Insights normally costs just £200.

And if you’re on this page, you should have a Discount Code to save another £25, so Key Phrase Insights is just £175.

At the time I wrote this page, there were only 10 discounted versions of Key Phrase Insights, so hurry so you don’t miss out!

What do you get?

  • Results you can use right away
  • Monthly popularity (search numbers) in your target country
  • Competitiveness data for every relevant key phrase, so you can see which to target, and which to leave for later
  • A complete set of data in an Excel spreadsheet so you know about the key phrases you should be avoiding, too
  • How-to guide to guide to using the key phrases with your website or blog

How does it work?

  • Order your Key Phrase Insights pack below
  • You’ll receive clear instructions on selecting your ten seed key phrases (your best thoughts about the key phrases people will use to get to your site)
  • We’ll e-mail you your Key Phrase Insights with 72 hours, with easy instructions about how to apply them to your site or blog

You’ll also get my Help Hotline and e-mail address if you’re unsure of anything at all.

My 10-day Money-back Guarantee

There’s no risk either. If you have any doubts about the fit of my recommendations with your website, get in touch with me within 10 days and I’ll give you a full refund. Click below to order your Key Phrase Insights and take a fundamental step towards a more successful website or blog.

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Customers in the UK will be charged 20% VAT.

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