I’ve launched and closed one or two blogs along the way. And I’ve learned some stuff, too.

I’ve just been been reflecting about the journey so far on Writing for SEO. I thought you’d like to share my discoveries so far.

The big lessons

  • Exact Match Domains are A Good Thing – this blog is up in the giddy heights with Copyblogger and others for the search ‘writing for seo’
  • Blogging with a focus is a lot easier than writing a catch-all personal blog
  • Writing For SEO has revitalised my feelings for my SEO business. I’m reminded why I enjoyed it in the first place. This blog is a pleasure rather than a burden. Even when I’ve failed to get my copy out on time because of pressure of other work, I’m eager to get back on to it

About social media

  • Twitter is a great source of traffic, but it doesn’t seem to do a great amount towards the SEO effectiveness of the site. I haven’t yet discovered how social media traffic compares to search traffic as a source of revenue. I know the answer from client sites, but I haven’t yet determined it for this one
  • Google+ is an insignificant contributor to Writing For SEO‘s traffic
  • My readers don’t seem to have much time for Google+. How do I make that out? Take a look at the social share buttons at the end of each post. Google+ looks to me to be the least shared-to. I’m most active on Twitter and Twitter’s are the most of the shares. Self-fulfilling? Perhaps. But I do like pushing on unlocked doors

What do people think about Writing For SEO?

  • There have been some great comments on Twitter, in particular – you may have seen I’ve been posting some of them here. Face to face, the Internet community here in Sussex has been very complimentary, too. The site is doing what I set out to do, in that it’s establishing my authority as an SEO writer and content strategist (I’m not sure how to say that without sounding egotistical)

What have you learned from Writing For SEO? Indeed, what would you like to learn from Writing For SEO? And what have you learned about blogging?

Thanks to Tela Chhe for the great photo.