How many boring About Us pages have you read? There are lots out there. And yet when I look at the stats for site after site, it is consistently one of the most popular.story

So what? Think about the people who read your About us page. They want to know about your business. They want to know about you.

One step beyond…

These people have gone one step beyond reading with a What’s In It For Me? mindset. They’re wanting to know about your business or about you. There’s a great possibility that they’re considering buying from you.

That’s why your About Us is worth spending some time on. Tell them a riveting story.

true story

What you need to say About Us

I’ve been thinking about Writing For SEO’s pages (as opposed to the blog content) as part of the site revamp, and came up with these essentials:

  1. Tell the reader about your business, yourself and/or your colleagues – think about your USP (you do have a unique selling point, don’t you?), your reasons for being in business. Write about the history if it’s an interesting story
  2. Be personal – can I use that cliche that people buy from people? I’d say people like to buy from people – clearly they’ll buy from Amazon if the price and delivery is right!
  3. Show them what you look like – your readers are interested in you and your business. If you haven’t already got personal with them, this is where to do it. Show your colleagues, too
  4. Drop the jargon – unless you’re 100% sure you’re talking to people who naturally use that jargon
  5. Publish some testimonials – don’t do all the talking. Let your customers or readers do some for you
  6. Don’t forget the call to action – or you’ll lose out on those have that lovely warm feeling about you

Do you know of any great About Us pages? Why not share them with us?

Thanks to Het Nieuwe Instituutmehmet nevzat erdoğan and NCinDC for making their images available.