Finding the best content for your site

Key Phrase Research and Content Strategy turns a website into a powerful marketing weapon. Without it, your content creators will be stumbling around, creating stuff with no goal in mind.

They’ll be wasting their time. Google Trends for Content Strategy

Let me find the key phrases that will work for you and advise you how to use them for maximum effect.

Key Phrase Research

In-depth research tells you:

  • What you should be writing about
  • How your customers think about products and services
  • Which key phrases you can expect to rank for (remember, nearly 80% of traffic comes from clicks on the top three results in Organic search)
  • Which key phrases have lower competition, so you can expect faster results
  • What blog topics will my readers and customers be interested in?

Key phrase research with competition ratings

Content Strategy

I’ll document:

  • How to use the key phrases
  • What kind of content you should be creating
  • Your content priorities – what should you creating first? What’s a lower priority?
  • How to create themed sections to your site
  • Are there blog series you can create?
  • Are there opportunities for repurposing?

At the end of the process, you’ll have a clear view of where the opportunities are and how to successfully target them.

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