The big news in SEO, in case you missed it last week, is Google cutting off key phrase search information from Google Analytics.

If you look in your Google Analytics under Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Search -> Organic for the last few days, you’ll probably find just one entry – not provided. If you’re seeing some key phrases as well, they’re probably from other search engines like Bing. If they’re still showing from Google, they won’t be there in your reports over the coming weeks.

I’ve had some e-mails asking what this means for Key Phrase Research in general and my Easy Way To Find Key Phrases in Minutes in particular. Actually, it doesn’t matter at all!

My Easy Way to Find Key Phrases still works

Why? Simply because I work with the key phrase position and traffic information from that comes from Google Webmaster Tools, by integrating GA and GWT.

That information has not been blocked by Google, so you can carry on just as you were before.

How has 100% Not Provided affected you?

Thanks to Loozrboy for making his wonderful empty room available to me.

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