Some new additions to Writing For SEO‘s Glossary page:

Copy – what professional writers produce for websites, advertising, brochures, books and magazines

Copywriting – commercial, marketing, advertising and sales writing (never, never ‘copy writing’. If anyone ever tries to sell you ‘copy writing’, run. Don’t hesitate. Get the hell out of there! They don’t know what they’re doing)

CSS – cascading style sheets, a standard for formatting web pages

HTML – hypertext markup language. The programming language of the Web

key phrases – the words (more than one) that people type into search engines

key words/keywords – the words people type into search engines. Strictly single words, but Google calls key phrases keywords

PPC – Pay Per Click or paid search such as Google AdWords

Voice – writing style. Particularly applicable to the kind of personal copy used on websites

Why not have a look at the complete glossary?

Thanks to Steve Wilson for allowing me to use his image.