Don’t do any of these. And, most important of all, don’t pay someone to do them for you!

  1. Use search engine submission

    Don’t bother, and run from any SEO ‘experts’ who are still offering it. You’re wasting your money

  2. Rely on Meta tags alone

    I’m amazed I still get asked to ‘do the meta tags’ as an SEO project. But asked, I still get. It is worth working on some tags, but don’t expect them alone to have any effect on a site’s performance on search engines

  3. Get worried about Google Page Rank

    Google has been gently turning down its significance for years. Worry about SEOs who make a big thing about a site’s PR. There are other factors they should be more concerned about

  4. Take shortcuts or automate SEO

    This is where things get difficult for many site owners these days, as using a small budget to buy lots of low quality SEO is probably the easiest way to upset Google and get a site penalised. Google has clamped down pretty comprehensively on anything that looks like an automated duck and quacks like one. For example, if you have spammy articles posted on tens of article hub sites, watch out!

    And automated directory linking is such a recipe for disaster that some have reported unscrupulous people are indulging in ‘negative SEO’, building thousands of low-quality links to competitors’ sites

  5. Take ‘Content is King’ at face value

    Don’t fill your site with low-quality content. You’re wasting your time and money. Instead, make sure you have a strategy. Understand your readers and write the best material you can.

    I’ve written about how content can be merely an indulgence. Please give it a read if you doubt me.

What are your favourite SEO fallacies?

Thanks to Brian Smithson (Old Geordie) for making his image available.