How do you get to somewhere you haven’t been before? You’d probably use a map, wouldn’t you? Just setting off and hoping for the best would probably not be the best way to get to your destination.

What about for your website? Do you know where you’re headed, let along how you’re going to get there?

May I digress for a moment? A bit of context may help us along. This post grew out of a discussion on Twitter triggered by my Write with style! Person-to-person copywriting post. The feeling was that I was very much supporting the angle that acting ethically with content was all we had to do these days to attain search and marketing success.

That’s not actually my point of view. Acting ethically is great, and a requirement, but it’s not the whole story.

The ethical pitch is an easy pitch

Are you writing heaps of ethical, unique content in line with Google’s recommendations and just pushing it out there, hoping you’ll get the results you’d like from your site?

That’s just like trying to go somewhere without a map.

Don’t just write for your customers. Write for yourself

What do I mean? Strangely enough if you only write for your customers and don’t thinks about what your business goals are, you may end up not attracting the traffic, conversions and profit you’re looking for.

No profit. No business. No benefit to your customers.

Being ethical is not enough

I could sit here and follow the path of least resistance. That is, tell you to just carry on creating more stuff until you get the results you want.

But that’s a lot of work. And do you really have the heart and the time for it? Are you prepared to just grind on and on until you hit the jackpot? Where will your projected profits be then?

You must have a content strategy for your site

A content strategy does two things:

  1. It brings an understanding of what your customers really want
  2. It shows you what to write about to engage them about what they really want

By following it you’ll really be creating content that’s top quality, appealing and capable of attaining higher conversion rates.

You’ll be developing your online presence through knowledge of the terrain, not wandering around aimlessly.

How do you write a content strategy?

  1. Do your key phrase research to understand what your prospective customers are interested in and how they express their needs
  2. Analyse the competition for the key phrases you’re interested in
  3. Arrange the key phrases into themes and work out how they can tell your story on pages or sections of your website
  4. Work out the order in which you’re going to produce the content
  5. Get writing!

Or go back to throwing your valuable content randomly into the wilderness.

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Thanks to DonkeyHotey for the use of the image.