Once your blog starts appearing on natural search engine results, something else starts appearing, too.

Comment spam.

I got asked the other day how I cope with the rubbish that gets posted automatically on Writing For SEO. How much time does removing it take up?

The honest answer is hardly any time at all. Just two plug-ins and that’s it.

Rule Number One: Akismet isn’t the answer

spam variationsShocked? Akismet is the Grand Poobah of comment spam squishing. It’s pretty good, make no mistake. But I’ve found something better.

Oh, and you have to pay if you use Akismet on a commercial blog. A client request had me looking for an alternative for their site.

Rule Number Two: Use Antispam Bee

I tried Antispam Bee out on Writing For SEO and was astonished that it just stopped all that bot spam – the automated stuff selling counterfeit brands that turns up in its hundreds when you turn your back for a while.

Now, at that stage Writing For SEO was not sitting in the middle of the spam superhighway, but I have a site that is firmly positioned there – my personal blog, Dangerous Thinking, that has been around for 12 years and has been discovered by all the world’s volume spammers.

These days, when I post to it much less often, it gets many times more spam visits than legitimate ones.

Guess what? Antispam Bee has completely killed all the automated spam – and by the look of it the manual stuff, too.

And neither site has Akismet running any more.

Rule Number Three: Install Disqus

Disqus shows comments on your blog to a community of commenters. It also looks pretty 😉

There are some downsides, such as delays in comments appearing as a page is pulled up, but everything is normally in place by the time a reader gets that far down the page.No Spam

But so far, it’s caught all the ‘clever’ manual comment spams that appear here – including a hilarious recent spam from an Indian SEO company on my Google Analytics post that claimed not to be able to install Google Analytics. I almost let it stand just to make them look idiotic!

Those two plug-ins have so far stopped a single spam comment appearing on this site since I installed them, and have reduced manual interventions to just a few minutes per week.

I wonder if they’ll have the same effect on your blog?

Thanks to janet galoreJamie and Stefano Brivio for making their images available.