I know I was asking for it – and am asking for it even more with this post – but my post about killing comment spamming here on Writing For SEO recently caused a bump in comment spamming.

Here’s what happened with a graph of blocked spams from Antispam Bee: Antispam Bee A sudden and substantial hump in comment spam to coincide with the post.

Then, over the past few days, two chancers had a go with a manual spam

And one tried two different spams. Each was caught beautifully by Disqus. I’m not going to honour them by reposting them here, even as a jpeg.

But you have to laugh!

Frankly, I’m amazed that nothing found its way through.

I’m sure the pairing won’t work for ever. Nothing does.

But they are still doing everything I want from them.

Thanks to Chris Huggins for his image.