(Just about) everyone in the know says you should use a blogging calendar to ensure you post consistently.

I use the Editorial Calendar plugin on this blog, and it certainly helps me to be more disciplined.

Writing is creative

Writing is creative. And difficult at times. So you shouldn’t reduce your blogging to a production line of producing such and such an article for Tuesday because that what it says on the blog calendar.

While the discipline is great, you may not produce in the most efficient way, or even your best work.

Go with the flow

Write when you have a head of steam. Get it out of your system fast!

This morning I woke up with an idea. It came from a conversation on the Dumb SEO Questions Hangout on Air yesterday. Panellist Tim Capper and I were talking about the future for keywords and how to tell how Google is interpreting a given site.

I wanted to write a piece based on our thoughts as Tim was doing something I’ve played with from time-to-time.

Pushing on an open door

My first thought was to schedule it soon, and start developing it next week. Instead, I wanted to write, so I bashed out a first draft this morning on the train.

It was fun. Exactly the kind of work my laptop and iA Writer were designed for!

I was on a roll

While writing the piece, I realised just how much fun I was having. It reminded me of something I wrote in the early days of Writing For SEO.

How there are two ways to write – one inspired or another disciplined and professional.

Frankly, I know which one I prefer. Yet I’ve been doing too much of the other.

Don’t dump inspiration for the production line

If you’re not having fun, enjoying the process of putting ideas on screen, you won’t have much of a blog or an online business. It’ll become a large lump of drudgery in your life, just like that job making some small part of something boring you’re so glad you’ve escaped.

If the resultant writing isn’t ready for immediate public exposure, just put in your calendar for sometime in the near future. And finish it while you’re still feeling great about the ideas.

Catch the wave regularly

I can produce excellent content as and when needed. That’s one of the reasons clients come to me. But I’d rather have buzz and excitement if I have the time to wait for it.

And when I’m writing for my own sites, I know I can – no, must – do the work when I know I have the personal need to write.

Does writing for your site feel like a labour of love or an obligation?

Thanks to Michael McCarty for making the image of the Aztec calendar available.