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I like to help the Writing For SEO Community by giving you lots of great information for free on the blog. The Writer’s Guide to Key Phrase Research is a FREE e-mail course developed from an e-book I sold for $37. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a great deal! 🙂

By now we know the Number One success factor for high rankings in Google and other search engines is to publish great quality content. You’re probably asking what great quality content is. It’s not just:

  • Well written and properly edited
  • Making lots of information available
  • Written with a great vision of what readers or customers want from your company or website

Cutting out the guesswork

Imagine knowing – not guessing – what your customers or readers want? And what most of them want. OK. That’s easy for anyone who’s used any key phrase research tool But what if you’re after the most free traffic you can get in the shortest time? How do you do that?

What you’ll learn

If you sign up for my free e-mail course I’ll show you how specialist SEOs know:

  • What to write about
  • How they can get the most free traffic to the site – if they’re good, only relevant traffic of course
  • What stands in the way of ranking high on Google natural search

That’s work that would cost you hundreds, if not thousands, every time you do some research.

Who is The Writer’s Guide To Key Phrase Research for?

It’s for you if:

  • You own a blog, website or an e-business
  • You want more visibility, more visitors, or more sales (or enquiries or subscriptions)
  • You cannot afford professional research for your site
  • You’re an SEO professional (or want to be one) hungry for more saleable skills

My Key Phrase Research course contains the essentials of what I’ve found out, evolved and refined over more than a decade, working with clients, testing and measuring, attending conferences and discovering what other experts do.

And all this knowledge is FREE to you as a member of the Writing For SEO community. Tell me your details and I’ll send you all you need to know.