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The Writer’s Guide To Semantic Search

Now that Google is making fundamental changes to its algorithm and looking at content semantically, you have real opportunities to make your copy more effective. In my last piece, I talked about why you need to do more than just write for your audience to make your...

The Writer’s Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

If you’re not a techy, you may not have heard of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). If you’re a writer and have, you may well have dismissed them as being outside your remit. To some extent, you’d be right. They are the natural domain of techies, but you’d be...

Join Me Live On The Web

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this here on the blog, but I’m popping up more regularly on the Web. I hope you’ll want to join me. On the Expert Panel for Dumb SEO Questions This one’s on Google Plus, where once a week on a Thursday I record a Hangout On Air with...

How To Write A Great About Me Page

I’ve covered the ‘About us’ page before, but many of Writing For SEO’s readers need ‘About me’s. That’s the way of the world. A huge percentage of the world’s blogs are written by one person, and many online stores are the web face of microbusinesses. So here’s...

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If you’re confused by what you read about SEO and Content Marketing, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll help you understand and action what you need to do to have a successful website and online business. I use straightforward language and cut through hazy concepts so you can move forward confidently.

Content that’s King.

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Writing For SEO helps you get maximum leverage from your content. It contains my distilled knowledge and experience from more than a decade helping clients boost their traffic, improve their performance on search engines and increase their revenue.

Read the blog for information and ideas. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Or get in touch if you want to talk about content creation, strategy, consultancy or training.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering about how content can be an indulgence, here are my thoughts.

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Is that…one reason why [Writing for SEO] places so high in a Google Search?

Quentin Hardy, Deputy Tech Editor, The New York Times


Resources - essentials I use all the time

My recommended tools and services

These are some of the things I use for Writing For SEO, other sites and my consulting. I use them because they’re good, and I’m very happy to recommend them to you.

  • WP-Engine – the best WordPress hosting I know of. Worth every penny for the time it saves me
  • Hootsuite – makes running social media campaigns easy. Hootsuite is incredibly powerful and flexible, and is one of the few third-party tools to interact with Google Plus
  • Commun.it – the tool I use every day to breeze through my Twitter interactions in just a few minutes. Commun.it is the difference between getting social media done and leaving it until the next day
  • Buffer – allows me to queue posts to all the major social media platforms

Some are paid for, yet many are free or have a free version.

Read about more of my favourite services and tools.